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As you know, branding is of utmost importance in the marketing realm so even the tiniest details should contribute to this, or at least not play down the company image you have been building up. Imagine your company to be well publicized but sending out professional letters using a not quite comparable letterhead and plain envelopes. That hardly creates a positive impression; especially when letters from other companies, carefully designed and printed, evoke such a reaction. To get in the same league, you can also purchase your very own stationery set from online letterhead and online printing companies. Perfect combinationsome printing companies actually offer both, giving you a complete set of letterhead stationeries with matching envelopes. While full color letterheads are common, it is just relatively recent that more companies are embracing full color envelopes to go with each sheet. Many printing clients now venture into this too, unlike the conventional one color prints that usually came in black. Nowadays, you can have your logo printed on your envelopes using its actual colors. Aside from the logo and your company address, you can add graphics, and more colors that span the envelope’s back panel from edge to edge and top to bottom. Need envelopes now?One of the main advantages of having an online envelope printing company bookmarked on your browser is the convenience of ordering and paying over the net. Such companies design fast ordering processes and easy Envelope Printing and Graphic Design Services.

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Independent publishing has the power to impact history“I am fascinated by the functional principal of simple picture stories,” says German illustrator and art director Sebastian König of his four pane comics series Strips. “You look at four images, realise the meaning in their context and have that little film like sequence in your head. Your brain loves to decode such things and then rewards you with that feeling when you get it. ” That’s the joy in Sebastian’s work – his grainy illustration are incredibly simple, yet there’s often a touch of quirk that causes you to linger in anticipation of a payoff. Sometimes it comes, but at other times you’re left tantalisingly bemused. In her nostalgic new series Cuore di Panna, illustrator and artist Olimpia Zagnoli is not only hoping to evoke personal childhood memories, but also paint a picture of late 1980s Italian culture. The series of juicy, pop colour prints, light installations and videos conjures up a picture of hazy summers spent eating ice cream and drinking soda – the title translates literally as “heart of whipped cream” – with a retro aesthetic filled with the brands that seeped into the artist’s consciousness around that time. Italy was becoming Americanised, or as gallery HVW8 puts it: “Barbie Totally Hair was replacing Sophia Loren,” and Olimpia’s depiction of vivid consumerism instantly transports the viewer back to that atmosphere. Here, she tells us more about the project. Most women don’t like what they see in the mirror. Their skin isn’t clear enough, their waists aren’t small enough and their thighs aren’t slim enough; in other words, they don’t look like the slender, bronzed models that appear in the pages of glossy magazines.