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Thoughts are things. Think good thoughts and do good things My thoughts are very powerful. I choose to think consistently about good things and I get back exactly what I think. N Nothing happens by accident I choose my own experiences. O Open your heart I grow in my capacity to love and hope. I am positive. P Positive change I like change and variance. Q Equanimity This is my true measure. R Rest and relax I energise often. S Aspire to your higher purpose I don't play small. I see what is of benefit to people in the future.

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If you need a touch of color, you should consider adding a subtle metallic foiling as the only embellishment you need, while keeping your palette restricted and strong. By its very definition, modern retro has been around for a while. Modern flare added to retro designs, typefaces and color palettes makes an interesting fusion of old and new. The key in this trend is both authenticities, as well as simplifying and modernizing any particular element that stood out from any time in the past. In 2016 we saw the popularity of modern retro designs rising and finding its own way onto logo designs, print layout, web and packaging design. In terms of colors, maybe we’ll see some changes, meaning shifting from the muted browns and grays of 2016’s most vintage designs to candy colors.