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Metal Stamping Info provides detailed information about precision, custom, and sheet metal stamping, as well as metal stamping machines and metal stamping die. Metal Stamping Info is the sister site of Wire EDM Web. Article Source: http://EzineArticles. com/ What's happening to good web site design?Somehow we creative types at interactive Dazzle Your Audience With Multimedia Presentations and traditional ad agencies have run amuck we're building web sites that may dazzle the senses, but don't really communicate much about our client's business or products and services!1. Somehow I don't think anyone has a burning desire to spend 30 60 seconds on the Index page of a web site while another fancy Flash animation loads, complete with snazzy graphics, audio, and way cool cutting edge graphics not!People want to get real information, not razzle dazzle graphics showing how great a developer is using the latest whiz bang technology!2. I thought Frames went out of style like adding a . com to your company's name. Apparently not, as there are still lots of web sites using Frames forcing users to see a web site with mix and match bad graphics, odd menus and just a plain ugly interface. 3. I some times wonder if some of my fellow design geeks all own Adobe stock, or they are just trying to make sure HTML disappears as a content standard. The last thing many people want is to sit and watch as their 56 kbps dial up struggles with opening a doc in Adobe's proprietary PDF format many click off and are gone to the next web site.

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This is the future, getting closer to alien technology. But the huge question is, can these devices play the video file stated above?umm thanks?goodolcheezFreddie,As many SAP clients had reached a maturity level to archive their structuredDB data unstructured Document data OpenText is better option. Yes, as Deepak Quoted xECM provides many features like:360 View on SAP and non SAP content Collaboration between SAP and non SAP userBusiness user efficiency with multiple user frontendsEnd to End Content Lifecycle ManagementECM Consolidation on a single platformRecords Management for SAP non SAP contentLegacy DecommissioningOptimize IT reduce TCOAccess to Content anywhere/anytimeFaster processes with SAP WorkflowEliminate Paper InefficienciesDisaster Protection of ContentSecure long term Storage While SAP DMS has it is own merits xECM MAY win. Thanks,KolusuHi Experts,I have a requirement where I need to integrate my existing . Net 3. 5 application with another applicationwhich will berunning on iPad. I need to keep a copy of master data coming from the . Net application on iPad. There will be scenarios where the iPad will be disconnected from . Net application. Users should be able to enter some details on iPad application and it should persisted within iPad so that whenever connection comes up the data can be synch with the .