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For instance, entities with gender balanced management saw an average increase of 4% in employee engagement compared to only 1% for the others. Client retention rates showed similar patterns. ”Better economic performance leads to better financial outcomes when there is increased representation of women in senior positions — so how does Ireland match up statistically on female leadership across the design sector?Mackenzie Doyle says that approximately 11% of creative directors in Ireland are female, but that figure is even lower in some disciplines. Danielle TownsendThis is something that graphic designer, Danielle Townsend, has noticed in her own sector: “I have found it hugely positive. I have, however, when I was in industry and in agencies, always reported to or worked as part of a team where men were at the helm. “It’s rarely been the case that women were in those leadership roles. It was only when I began to freelance and became self employed that I realised there were a lot more women in that side of the industry. “They’re leading their own businesses in terms of being self employed or they’re freelancing. I think it shows that it possibly provides a little bit more flexibility from a woman’s perspective —but also none of the security of having a job,” added Danielle. Mackenzie Doyle feels that there are a couple of issues at play here: “There has never been so many women studying design, yet they’re not getting hired in industry. There are gender reasons for that: Unconscious bias and privilege — men just being born men are more privileged than women.

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