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d It is simply, the dark or negative side of one, the aspects that we deny or repress. Existing in our unconscious mind state, the shadow is full of negative characteristics that we tend to project negatively onto others. This negative projection allows us to see our dark qualities in others. “When a person joins other people, he automatically feels the need to behave as they do in order to be accepted. Thus, he suppresses more of his tendencies, and thus makes his Shadow bigger. The Shadow can also be a collective phenomenon in regards to the whole of humanity, like the devil or the witch” Gillabel, n. dI agree with Jung when he says we project these aspects of our unconscious state negatively onto people with certain thoughts and ways of acting I’ve experienced in my life. Finally the last step in Jung’s process is the Anima and Animus, which is the soul or spirit we each possess. “The anima is the personification of all female psychological tendencies in the psyche of a man, including feelings, moods, intuition, receptivity for the irrational, the ability for personal love, a feel for nature, and the man’s attitude toward the unconscious. ” and the animus is the equivalent to women of that of men. “Like the anima, the animus has three roots: the collective image of a man that a woman acquires, her own experiences with men in her life, and the latent male principle in herself.

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Thought experiments were actually used by Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein is said to be one of the greatest thinkers of all times. He used these thought experiments to stimulate his mind and help himself to see beyond the obvious and get creative. A thought experiment is basically a way to allow your mind to go places you might not normally let it go. It allows you to use all aspects of your thinking ability. It opens up doors in your mind that may never have been open before.