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Cocteau was reported to have once said of Chanel that "she has, by a kind of miracle, worked in fashion according to rules that would seem to have value only for painters, musicians and poets. " Chanel's support of artists was clearly brought to the fore, when Sergei Diaghilev died almost penniless in Venice, Chanel met his funeral expenses to give him a befitting burial. Chanel also designed film costumes for several movies, including Renoir's La Regle de Jeu. In 1931, Chanel was hired by Samuel Goldwin for one million dollars, to dress his stars, that included Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Gloria Swanson. The dresses in the films "Tonight or Never" starring Gloria Swanson, "Palmy Days" starring Jean Harlow, and "The Greeks Had A Word For It" starring Ina Claire, were styled by Chanel. Her contract for costume designing, however lasted only for a short time, partly because some of the Hollywood starlets refused her services, and partly because she felt she had to return to Paris immediately in order to keep her business alive during the hard days of the depression, when other couture houses were closing down. However, after World War II, when she re entered the fashion world in 1954, her clothing became very popular in the United States, and Chanel was embraced by the Hollywood starlets, During the 1950s and 1960s, Chanel spent much of her time working for various Hollywood studios, dressing actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor and Anne Baxter. In 1925, Chanel join hands with Vera Bate Lombardi, the daughter of Adolphus Cambridge, the Ist Marquess of Cambridge and the Duke of Teck. Chanel established the "English look" for her designs based on Lombardi's persona, and appointed Lombardi as her liaison officer to introduce the House of Chanel and its products to European royal families. Lombardi introduced Chanel to many aristocratic families of Europe, including her uncle the2nd Duke of Westminster, Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, and her cousin the Duke of Windsor. This saw the beginning of another relationship by Chanel with the Duke of Westminster, that nearly ended up in marriage with the Duke, who was said to be one of the richest men in Europe, at that time.

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