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5" perfume worldwide. Alain reduced the number of outlets worldwide, selling "Chanel No. 5" perfume, from 18,000 to 12,000, and withdrew the perfume from the shelves of drugstores. This was followed by a worldwide advertising campaign costing millions of dollars. The twin measures created both a scarcity and demand for the celebrated product, and sales sky rocketed worldwide. In 1981, Chanel launched a new Eau de Toilette for men, known as "Antaeus.

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Years ago this brand was a fairly sensual brand obviously targeted at middle age and older females: the commercials depicted women of this age undergoing an orgasm like experience upon using the shampoo ridiculous but true. These days however, everything from the package design to the commercials obviously target a much younger audience and focus on youthful fun rather than mature sensuality. The shampoo inside the bottle is exactly the same, but the advertising folks have dramatically changed the perception of the product. More and more though you see the job requirements of front end designers including basic development capabilities. There’s a raging conceptual debate over whether or not designers have any business coding, but the reality is that employers are beginning to require knowledge of at least HTML and CSS before considering you as a candidate. Even if you won’t actually be engaging in those activities, designers who understand the underlying structure and capabilities of the web are valuable assets.